Dancing with Mother at a family wedding

With brothers Leonard and Bill, and our father George Alpert

As a child at Willenrica, Franklin, NH

Worms for sale! With brother Leonard at Willenrica

Dad with Albert Einstein

Mary McClelland

"If you want to see how you are doing on your spiritual path, go spend a week with your parents."

—Baba Ram Dass

Teaching a seminar at Stanford

On a cruise ship to Hawaii

Richard Alpert, PhD

"Ego and soul are a balance, as are power and love."

—Baba Ram Dass

The Doctor is in. Timothy Leary at Harvard.

Richard Alpert as a young man.

Captain of the Intranauts

"Taking birth in a family, entering with the innocence of infancy into an existential situation of parents and siblings, is a marvelous recipe for karmic stew, for cooking a soul. All the subtle permutations of relationship and personality, prosperity and poverty, ease and difficulty, joy and sorrow, success and failure, are karmic stew ingredients."

—Baba Ram Dass

Monitoring Ralph Metzner with the Experiential Typewriter.

From an interview in a German magazine

Timothy Leary

With Leary at the Bucket of Blood in Antigua

Richard Alpert Ph.D. Business Card

"For the whole first part of my life, I never saw myself as a soul. I thought of myself as a body, an intellect, an emotional being, with my roles as son, brother, student, psychologist, pilot, cello player, lover, psychedelic adventurer, on and on…. My Richard Alpert persona—with my material trappings, my desire to both achieve and rebel—was the optimum experiential setting for all my karma to play out."

—Baba Ram Dass

From the  Lowell, Massachussetts Sun, May 29th, 1963

Richard Alpert, tripping

Breakfast at the Newton Commune

"Psilocybin turned my world completely upside down. For the first time in my life, I saw myself from outside myself. Who I thought I was—a son, a professor, a psychologist—was not who I actually was.... As I see it, the real change that came from psychedelics was opening people to their inner nature, to their soul."

—Baba Ram Dass

Timothy Leary and Professor Richard Alpert

With Susan Homer, Timothy Leary, and Peggy Hitchcock in the kitchen at Newton

With Peggy in Mexico, 1962

"The religion you are born with frequently becomes more important as you see the universality of truth. Once you learn to go beyond the negative experiences you had as a child, you return to your roots with new eyes."

—Baba Ram Dass

Tim and Nena on their honeymoon in India

Smoking in bed

Mother at her birthday party

Allen Ginsberg and Timothy Leary at the Human Be-In

Human Be-In poster

Climbing Khyber Pass

Passport photo

With David Padwa in the Himalayas

"See God in everyone."


Bhagavan Das

Maharaj-ji in Nainital

About to become Ram Dass

With Maharaj-ji, 1971

Maharaj-ji's gaze

Visiting K.K. Sah, circa 1967

"Surrender is a tough one to accept for Westerners. Our reality is based on a conceptual thought of how we think it is. If we give up that thought, give up our power and free will, we may succumb to someone else’s control and lose ourselves forever. That’s the fear. It turns out that giving up conceptual thought is not so scary after all—in fact it’s a relief. So-called objective reality is only relatively real compared to the deeper reality of the Self."

—Baba Ram Dass

Kainchi Ashram

My room at Kainchi

Learning from Hari Dass Baba, Kainchi Ashram, 1967

Meditating in the snow, Kainchi, 1967

Bhagavan Das, 1967

A page from Maharaj-ji's "RamRamRam" diary

My co-author and compatriot, Rameshwar Das, in India, 1970

At Hanuman Garh temple, Nainital, 1967

"Hold onto nothing."


My Kainchi yoga diary

Meditating in the family cabin at Willenrica, 1969

Meditating at Willenrica, circa 1968

Sculpture Studio Talks, NYC, 1966

With David McClelland, Cambridge, Massachussetts, circa 1973

"The mind is a wonderful servant but a terrible master. If our attachment is to the thinking mind, it dies with the brain and the body. I am interested in what is beyond the thinking mind, leaving behind the thoughts of the ego, allowing the essence of our deeper being to shine forth. The soul is infinite, eternal, beyond space and time."

—Baba Ram Dass

Tellis Goodmorning, a Native American mentor for the Lama Foundation

Meditating in the dome at Lama

The Dome at Lama Foundation

"Love everyone, serve everyone, and remember God."


Lama Foundation, 1974

With Steve Durkee, Lama Foundation, circa 1974

Little Joe Gomez, an elder in the Native American church, Lama Foundation

The Blue Bus, still used as a residence at the Lama Foundation

Speaking to a weekend group at Willenrica 1969

"It was the summer of 1967, and the Six Day War between Israel and its neighbors had just taken place—not the most auspicious time for two Jewish guys to drive through the Middle East. But I was buoyant. I was ready. 'Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band' had just been released. From across America, some 150,000 young people were about to descend on San Francisco for the Summer of Love. This would be the summer of love for me too—just in an entirely different way."

—Baba Ram Dass

Bhagwan Nityananda, Muktananda's guru

With Papa Trivedi at Ganeshpuri, 1971

Maharaj-ji with Dada Mukerjee, Kainchi, 1971

"There are billions of tiny acts that create suffering in the world—acts of ignorance, greed, violence. But in the same way, each act of caring—all the billion tiny ways that we offer compassion, wisdom, and joy to one another—serves as a preservative and healing agent."

—Baba Ram Dass

Meditating with Maharaj-ji after his instruction to "Love everyone and tell the truth."

The venerable VW van, en route from Nainital to Kainchi

Coming down from PCP, Kausani, 1971

"Nainital High," class of 1971

Anandamayi Ma at her ashram near Haridwar

"Contentment is not a feeling of accomplishment from doing something. Contentment is a practice."

—Baba Ram Dass

Bhagavan Das and Hari Dass, Haridwar, 1970

Along the Yamuna River in Brindaban

Maharaj-ji with the first printing of Be Here Now

With teaching assistants outside the "lecture hall," Boulder, CO, 1974

Hanuman, the embodiment of service and devotion for whom Ram Dass is named, at Kainchi

"Everything we do to work on ourselves—going on retreat, meditating, opening our hearts, quieting our minds—transforms our being. Whatever we have to offer, as a physiotherapist, or a bus driver, or a parent, is all part of that work. It’s not the forms of the game—those are the vehicles."

—Baba Ram Dass

Jack Kornfield, Naropa Institute, 1974

Teaching on the Bhagavad Gita at Naropa

With Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche at the inaugural summer of Naropa Institute, Boulder, Colorado, 1974

"Once, when I was in Jerusalem, I passed two Hasidic Jews coming across a square. They were wearing the usual black hats and black coats, and I heard one of them say, 'That’s Ram Dass! That’s who got me into this.' They had taken drugs and read Be Here Now. In Burma, I met two Westerners who were studying to be Buddhist monks. 'You’re the one who got us into this,' they told me."

—Baba Ram Dass

With Joya and Hilda Charlton, circa 1975

Martha's Vineyard, 1976

Barbara Durkee with her children at Lama Foundation, circa 1974

A rare image of young Maharaj-ji with an ancient Hanuman

"Old age and childhood offer a kind of spacious time other seasons do not, because they are not filled with busyness and rushing around. This quiet openness allows the soul to enter, just like quieting the mind in meditation."

—Baba Ram Dass

At Neem Karoli Baba Ashram, Taos, New Mexico. Hanuman is adorned for the Guru Purnima festival

Martha's Vineyard, 1976

"Every dying person with whom I shared time helped me probably more than I helped them. Dying is a collaborative dance, an opportunity to do the work within, whether you are the one facing death or the one at the bedside."

—Baba Ram Dass

Martha's Vineyard, 1976

Lama Foundation, view from the kitchen

Govindappa Venkataswamy, AKA "Dr. V."

Laurie Anderson performing at the Home-Aid benefit, Cathedral of St. John the Divine, NYC, 1988

Larry Brilliant plotting the rates of blindness in Nepal on an Apple II donated to Seva Foundation by Steve Jobs, Katmandu, 1980

"Have you ever noticed how many angry people there are at peace rallies? Social action arouses righteousness. Righteousness ultimately starves your heart. If you want to be free more than you want to be right, you let go of righteousness. For social action to be done with love, the spiritual work comes first. If you oppose something or someone in anger, all you proliferate in the world is more anger."

—Baba Ram Dass

Joseph Goldstein in the late 1970s

Seva Foundation board meeting in Ann Arbor, 1987

With Dad and Phyllis, Gay Head, Martha's Vineyard

"Our minds go, our bodies go. Our souls remain."

—Baba Ram Dass

George Alpert, circa 1985

"The evolution of the soul is about decreasing separateness, shedding attachments that distract us from Oneness."

—Baba Ram Dass

"The karmic sandpaper of existence, time and experience, grinds down separations, grinds down resistance to love, until we see through personalities to what is beneath, to the soul."

—Baba Ram Dass

Together with Tim, California, circa 1996

"The poet Rainer Maria Rilke describes a quality he calls 'in-seeing,' which is changing one’s point of view to inside another being…. That’s when your awareness merges into Awareness, then you are 'inside’ everything, as well as outside, because there’s only one of it in the universe. This is the mystical root of awareness."

—Baba Ram Dass

With Timothy Leary and Ralph Metzner at the Harvard Project reunion, 1996

"The soul’s game is not about getting a new job, friends, lifestyle, making more money or getting a new car, finding a new partner or a new therapist. This life is about finding a way to be in the world that connects you to your soul."

—Baba Ram Dass

"Truth waits for eyes unclouded by longing."

—from the Tao Te Ching

Viewing the new temple site at Taos ashram with Gopal Singer, Taos, 2005

"Aging gives you a new curriculum. It gives you some creative space, because to the culture, you’re becoming irrelevant—and as soon as you become irrelevant, you’re free. You’re free to be eccentric, to express yourself in ways you wouldn’t before. Aging gives you a chance to rethink your identity."

—Baba Ram Dass

"I’ve never been into being a guru. As a teacher, I always use my life experiences as a lesson plan—often as an example of what not to do. We’re on a journey together, and I’m as honest as I can be about my trip."

—Baba Ram Dass

Maharaj-ji's empty chair, Kainchi, 2004

Maui Retreat, 2018

"The spiritual journey is less from birth to death than from separation to Oneness."

—Baba Ram Dass

Maharaj-ji's empty chair, Kainchi, 2004

With Dassima Murphy

With K.K. Sah and Rameshwar Das, Kainchi, 2004

"Maharaj-ji said no man can die a moment before his time or live for a moment past it.... Souls are not afraid of dying, because souls have many, many incarnations. Each time we die, we find our home. Much of my life has been about trying to make contact with this home in my heart. I’ve seen it up close at times, through psychedelics, through meditation, through being with Maharaj-ji, but it has always been temporary. Now I will soon be home. A new beginning awaits around the corner."

—Baba Ram Dass

With Joan Baez

Maui Retreat, 2018

"When you lose your fear of death, you gain a love of life."

—Baba Ram Dass

With Peggy Hitchcock

With Dr. Raj Rajan

With David Padwa

With Bernie Glassman Roshi

"Scientists go to the brain to get to the mind. But neuroscience has never been able to adequately define consciousness. It’s like the guy who loses his keys and is looking for them under a streetlight. Someone comes along and asks him where he lost them, and he says, 'back in the alley.' The passer-by asks, 'So why are you looking here?' and he says, 'The light's better here.'"

—Baba Ram Dass

Meeting my son, Peter Reichard

In the beach buggy at Kihei

At home on Maui, 2017

"Enlightened beings say that when we take birth, a veil of unknowing covers our soul, lest the knowledge of our previous incarnations distract us from our work in this life. The veil is part of māya, the illusion of separateness that accompanies incarnation, and comes with having a body and an individual consciousness. Each of us has to go through the lila, the dance, of forgetting and remembering."

—Baba Ram Dass

In the ocean at Kihei

At home on Maui, 2017

"Almost everyone in the West who reports a near-death experience tells of a loving, light-filled return to the Source, the home of the soul. They report an experience of wholeness outside time and space…. I imagine that death is like finally coming home, home to an old friend who has always known me and loved me completely."

—Baba Ram Dass

My two families: The Alperts, circa 1961, and Maharaj-ji's Western devotees at Kainchi, just after his death

"I love nature, and that love is a method, an entrance into the vastness…. I am the trees, I am the ocean, we are together in the One, in Ram."

—Baba Ram Dass

Inauguration of new temple at Neem Karoli Baba Ashram in Taos, New Mexico, July 2019

"Love holds the universe together. Love is the emotion of connection and merging. Viewed from the soul, this world is a manifestation of love. Love is the glue, the transfer of energy between form and formless, matter and spirit."

—Baba Ram Dass

Inauguration of new temple at Neem Karoli Baba Ashram in Taos, New Mexico, July 2019

Inauguration of new temple at Neem Karoli Baba Ashram in Taos, New Mexico, July 2019

He changed the world: he made it a better place.

Glen Debnam

One of my fondest memories of Ram Dass was when my ex-wife and I traveled to San Rafael to the Hanuman library. We had come to donate our time. We ended up stringing malas, and who should show up but Ram Dass, a beautiful man and a wonderful teacher.

Barry Ponneck

I rediscovered Ram Dass a few years ago when my son recommended one of the docs about him. It was like rain on parched earth. Now his photo sits on my "puja" table and I speak to him with my heart every day. I'm a Christian with a Ram Dass twist.

Abbotsford, British Columbia

I first discovered Ram Dass through Catto's "Becoming Nobody"; it began a profound transformation in my life. Since then, I continue to study Ram Dass' teachings and I feel a genuine connection to his spirit. What a beautiful soul - so grateful!

Trisha McCarthy

Ram Dass has become an inspiration to me and my life. He is amazing!

Karen Parsons
Nl. Canada

Ram Dass facilitated me to understand the nature of consciousness and the divine nature of the universe of which I am a manifestation. His teachings reassured me about death. I am forever indebted to him.

Fiona Molloy

His stillness, still speaks. <3

Lauren Davis
new york

In a radio interview, I asked him how he dealt with people on the street asking for money. "It's impossible to rationally decide Yes or No. More important than how many Yeses, is to always say No with a truly open heart, and to see God in them."

Joseph Rowe

I’m delighted to be connecting to Being Ram Dass communities.

New York

Through tears of gratitude I write this. I heard of Ram Dass when a friend suggested his "Loving Awareness" meditation. We did this and I caught a glimpse of what was behind my heart veil. My feet fell onto this new path and joy is here. Thank you Ram Dass

David Fischer

I had my first LSD session with Dick Alpert (later Baba Ram Dass) at Castalia in Millbrook N.Y. under the supervision of Michael Hollingshead. Two super smart guys changed my life. :):)

Steve Groff
St. Petersburg, FL

It doesn't feel right to call Ram Dass my guru because I know that he didn't see himself as such & I respect that. He is, however, the greatest teacher I've ever known of heart. Returning to him is returning home to my highest Self. He is h(om)e!

Woodbridge, VA, USA

Ram Dass was/is one of the greatest teachers of our time and a great mentor to me. I had the honor of being with him in his home in Maui when we recorded a webcast together on surrender. RD was/is the embodiment of love.

Judith Orloff
Venice Beach, CA

Ram Dass was introduced to me by the mind and heart of Duncan Trussell. 2020 broke me down to the bottom, but after reading and listening to Ram Dass’s lectures, it saved me, it woke me up. Now I understand. ❤️

Jerry Perez
Chicago Illinois

Spent my rainy lunch hours in the basement of Duthie's Books, Hornby & Robson, Vancouver back in the early 70s. There I found the book, The Only Dance There Is. Read it. Highlights, underscores, cover falling off. Still dear to my heart.

joan johnston
british columbia canada

He always gave me inspiration to keep learning more about life.

Dennis Nelson
Guerneville CA

Finding Ram Dass’ Be Here Now on a shelf in a used bookstore blew my world wide open and resonated with something deep inside of me. I’m eternally grateful for the path he walked and the light he shined on it for us to follow. 🙏🏼

Laurie T
Christiansburg, VA, USA

Baba Ram Dass served to help me recognize what it means to live from love and compassion. His love is contagious. Thank you Rama Dass for being you.

Gurleen Kaur
Vancouver, BC

I’m eternally grateful for Ram Dass. Every day and in every way his love and his life is a model of what can be. A heart full of compassion and awareness. His grace and humanness is an eternal gift. Ram Ram.

Antoinette Simms
Berkshires, Massachusetts

Ram Dass had a profound effect on my life, as one of the key people who developed the Omega Institute, in Rhinebeck, NY. I live 45 mins away, and have had wonderful teachings from the world class ever-changing faculty, as well as from fellow seekers.

Lake Peekskill, Putnam County, NY

Ram Ram, I met Ram Dass 1 year after donating $108 in 2017 and received a miracle of meeting him through an one-hour conversation on Skype. I am loving awareness and know he never let go of my hand, ever. Ram Ram, my heart remains warm by his love.

Suzie Nunes
Ontario, Canada

Although I have never had the honour to meet Ram Dass he has been such an incredible influence on life. “Treat everyone you meet like God in drag.”


Often I notice that I reference my life prior to meeting Ram Dass in 1979, and since. Nothing is the same, and I am invited daily to go deeper into my unguarded heart. That is where we hang out.

Mark Dixon
Huntington Beach California

Grateful to have discovered Ram Dass, first through Be Here Now and later through the Podcast. Simple and graspable work for my complex and grasping mind yearning simplicity, freedom and release. Peace!

Joshua Samuel Brown
Portland, Oregon

Solo quiero saber porque mi vida cambió tanto, era muy bendecida por todos lados a los 26 años me cambió la vida.


I found Ram Dass about 3 wks after he passed in Jan 2020. I had heard of his teachings before then, but did not feel drawn to them earlier. I have now listened to almost every podcast and feel that my perspective has been freed forever. Thank you Ram Dass.

VS Dutton

I was blessed to meet RD at the Maui Retreat in 2012. The things that still bring so much joy to my heart are when he gave me my mala, when he swam with a group of us in the ocean, and the last time I saw him, blowing him a kiss goodbye and him smiling.

Sandra Armstrong
NW Arkansas

I was slacking off on daily practices and feeling ashamed, RD came to me in a dream. He sat down with me and placed his forehead against mine smiling for 3 minutes. In those moments all I felt was pure love and surrender. He reminded me of who I really am.

San Jose, CA

We discovered Ram Dass's teachings in the beginning of 2020 through Duncan Trussel's Midnight Gospel show. It was such an opening for us. In the midst of all the uncertainty brought by the pandemic, his words were a powerful guide and source of inspiration.

Bella and Justin
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Ram Dass has profoundly touched my life in many ways. I could give a dissertation, if I was allowed, but in short, I have learned how to love, be kind, and have compassion. Ram Dass is Love, I am Love, Be Love! Thank you, Ram Dass!

Mary Peters
Port Orchard, WA

Your Dance of Light has beamed across my sleep // Pried its airy fingers under shadowed heavy lids and twinkled // Peek a Boo, the Day is here.... // A poem about Awakening I wrote for RD years ago. // De Profundis I awoke to learn that this life is our classroom.

Lucia Perry

Love and peace.

Clark Daly
St Petersburg, FL

Ram Dass was such a beautiful incarnation. He is like a paternal figure to me and has helped me grow more than I ever imagined. I love him with all of my soul!


Thank you. You came to light the world and you opened yourself for it to pour out as love. Sat, sat, sat. Thank you.

Ulla Makena

Here and Now Ram Dass loves me. Even though we have not met on this plane we meet in a somewhere else to share this love. It is this love that has awakened the true self and has shown me how to love, serve and remember.

Mike Leavitt
Moraga Ca

My 1st talk (early 70s), with other skeptics, left us all happily chanting back to our cars. Early 90s, with tears of joy streaming, he gave us small strings cut from his Guru's blanket sending many of us into a wondrous state of being. So much joy!

Michele Angevine
Los Angeles, CA

I had a dream I was in the hospital. I was horrified until I looked over and saw an old woman lying in the bed next to me. We looked down at our IVs and began to laugh, and as we laughed, her face changed to RD's. His hospital bracelet read only, Ram.


After 40 years of growing with him, learning from him; in my life, Ram Dass lives on. Just the way Neem Karoli Baba lived on in his life. "Where could he go?" His life is his legacy. I celebrate his life with love and appreciation.

Dorothy Hurford
Orange County, California

I went to see him back in the 70's in Eugene, Oregon. Started my spiritual quest that day which continues today.

Madras, Oregon

Today I celebrated a milestone Solstice birthday. I feel a special connection to Ram Dass during this time of year. Thank you for helping me stay sane, engaged and mystified- especially this year! Much love.

Northwest Arkansas

Ram Dass is my friend, my guru, my guide. He leads me to a place of embracing calm through his teachings and as I practice, I feel supported by his presence. I am so thankful to know him!

Aslan Zazen
Colorado USA

Ram Dass has changed my life by making me take things in life less seriously. I feel that he has made my heart more tender. I now try to treat life and the events in it as part of a wonderful dance.

Iftee Shahriar
Boston, MA

Ram Dass rekindled my love for all there is, including myself. I feel more connected and belonging to my universe. He is not only someone I listen to, he is my father, my mother, my siblings, he is my entire world. He reminds me of who we really are.


I met Richard Alpert 55 years ago at a symposium in Berkeley. Thereafter, I heeded the "call": "travel to the 'glamour' of India/Nepal." Ram Dass is with me. He is my "Apostle Paul," constantly speaking of the One and Its Earthly incarnations (e.g. Maharaji).

Sarasota, USA

He has taught me that life has meaning. He is a living proof that God loves us and that we are all part of that same being. He's shown me Truth through his words and teachings. He opened doors for many of us who truely wanted to connect with living Spirit.

José Luis Juarico Zamora
Xalapa Mexico

I was 17 - 1972 - in a bookstore, broke. This blue book had a light coming out of it so I stole it. NOT my usual behavior. Be Here Now - devoured every page as it devoured me - my world was never the same. Namaste

Janice Erickson

Ram Dass illuminated the path I was so desperately looking to find. He walked and continues to walk with me, hand in hand, as I learn how to unlearn & unbecome who I thought I was. He helped me realize we are all Love. I am so grateful. Beyond words.

Macungie, PA

Is this a good place to ask if there are any Ram Dass organizations/ groups that get together in my area? I've attempted to reach out on facebook with no luck. Thank you.

Rebecca A Motley
Fort Worth Texas

I had an extremely intense spiritual experience 12/22/19. The mystery it opened up led me to discover it occurred on the day Ram Dass passed into the next plane of existence. I have since been opened to exploring many amazing things learning about his life.

Florida, USA

After losing my 24 year old brother to a drug overdose, Ram Dass and his teachings held me like nothing else could & guided me every step along the way of my grieving journey. His legacy of love has left an imprint on the hearts of so many.

Vancouver, Canada

I learnt about R.D. from an East Forest song, A Miracle. I was intrigued. I looked him up. His honesty was refreshing and the stories about Maharaj-ji warmed my heart. He is now with me always. He sits on my shrine and in my heart. Listen to him on repeat.

Birmingham, UK

I struggle, then I come to these teachings. Then I struggle some more, then back to these teachings. What I've noticed is each time I stray, I'm not straying as far. And each time I come back, it feels a little more like home. Thank You!

Madison, WI

Waking up was becoming too hard. When I felt I was done being here I watched Ram Dass Going Home. My heart literally opened. I have now been able to create, see, and be in my power. I understand I am the Universe. I am changing this Earth from within Now.

Ontario, Canada

Baba Ram Dass and his book ‘Be Here Now’ was the vehicle that rocked my world with Grace. At 22, he brought Maharajji’s presence and Grace and started a process of awakening on the path of Love and devotion. His words and life have ever inspired. RamRam

Kate Bhakti Chapman
East Gippsland, Australia

He changed my view on life - Love, Serve and Remember. I have lost count of the number of times I have watched or simply listened to the short film "Going Home." Ram Ram.

Paul Volzke
Brisbane, Australia

Since being on Rabbit Creek, Alaska, 1973, and being transfixed at Be Here Now, I have considered Ram Dass my guru. His voice is an old friend bringing me back to awareness.

Aurora, IL

Ram Dass' teaching help me get out of my ego and into unconditional love. Also, he's helped me process my anger and connect to Source. Love you, Baba Ram Dass!!!


My wife & I were driving the back roads of New Mexico in the mid-1990s, recalling Ram Dass teachings and chatting with some skepticism about his Maharaji stories. We pulled into a steakhouse in the outskirts of Santa Fe for lunch. Ram Dass walked in.

John Norton
Western North Carolina

Pure Love

Hermosa Beach

His wisdom and love has been a model for living and loving. Mahavirdas

Asheville, NC

Ram Dass gave me the permission to f*ck up. He gave me the permission to create and live my own practice—just return to the breath. He gave me the permission to be me, love me, love as much and many as I can. He gave me the permission to stop seeking permission.

Papa Heier
San Francisco

Many years ago, a friend showed me a video of Ram Dass teaching. He made me laugh. He inspired me to meditate for the first time. I bought a copy of Be Here Now, and it changed my life. I can't wait to read his memoir - what a beautiful soul!


I am loving awareness. Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram Love Everyone, Serve Everyone, Remember God and Tell the Truth. Om Namo Gurudev Baba Ram Dass Namaha Om Namo Gurudev Neem Karoli Baba Namaha Ram Ram

Bucharest, Romania

I LOVE RAM DASS! His teachings are such a balm for my soul, especially in today's turbulent world. I cannot wait to read his memoir.

Los Angeles

Ram Dass literally changed my life. About 5 years ago, I stumbled across the Be Here Now podcast. My worldview, attitude and spiritual journey will never be the same. He put me on the path...

St. Pete, FL

I used to have a very rich daily practice. A few years ago I strayed off that path, but being exposed to Ram Dass' teachings helped me find my way onto a new one. A true Upa Guru.

Chance Mills
Chicago, Illinois, USA

I spent the last 4 months every day listening to all Be Here Now podcasts thanks to Raghu Markus. I am so absorbed by the podcast and finally managed to catch up - thank you.

Abdulkader Louay Kadri
Cambridge, UK

In 1974 someone gave me a box of Ram Dass cassettes. I listened to every one over and over. I started going to his retreats and have listened to his tapes ever since. He changed my life.

Alexandria, VA

I read Be Here Now in college in 1973; became a vegetarian, started meditation and yoga ... and continue being led on an amazing journey every day. Thank you, Baba Ram Das and Neem Karoli Baba, and my Jain guru Chitrabhanu.


Thank you Rameshwar Das, for bringing this book into being and illuminating the life of Ram Dass, in order to inspire others to follow the path of service and loving presence.

Marli Rabinowitz
Guilford, Vermont

I broke away from generational patterns and stigmas. I found a deeper meaning of my life that my family in this lifetime would not understand. I have a positive outlook on death; I feel safe where I am going.

Bay city

I first heard "Here We All Are" in the mid 70s on LPs. Ram Dass' talks reassured and guided me for many years. I had the blessing of meeting him for the first time at what turned out to be his last retreat (in body). Love, Serve, Remember.

Sheila Southon
Montréal QC Canada

I read Be Here Now when it was first published and it altered my life so profoundly that the reverbs are still hitting me with sounds of liberation. I'm 74.

Margaret C OConnor
Los Angeles, California USA

My mother was a follower of Richard Alpert and Timothy Leary. She and Ram Dass had an enduring sporadic friendship. Ram Dass uniquely made eastern mysticism understandable, accessible and attractive for us westerners.

Storm King
Redding, CA

The first time I listened to Ram Dass, a space within me become present that knew what he was saying without knowing I knew it. His contributions to this world started me on my path to freedom and enlightenment in this lifetime. I will forever be grateful.

Patrick Hollomn
Colorado Springs, CO

I love you Baba! Om Namoh Gurudev Baba Neem Karoli! Jai Hanuman! Jai Baba Ram Dass! Your teachings and love are the light illuminating my path home, to the space where we are all one.

Marc Barron
Salem Oregon

A colleague said one day “there’s someone speaking tonight you’d like to hear.” I went and my life changed forever. When years later I visited his library at Omega I could still feel his amazing presence.

Judith Donovan
Costa Rica

I have seen Ram Dass as one of my teachers since the 70's. I have listened to his tapes and have heard him speak 3's. His energy always grounded and centered me ... may we carry his spirit forward ... his footprints are on my heart ... may he rest in peace.

Thomas P. Brennan
2500 W. Farwell Avenue, Chicoago, Ill 60645

Ram Dass has been a very wise older brother to so many of us from the '60's, explaining the way in such eloquent and clear terms. His Grace was always passed down with no pretense. He is deeply missed, yet surely held infinite Love.

Douglas Anderson
Sonoma, CA

From the time that I read the first of his books, I was an instant follower of Ram Dass. His wisdom, accumulated over many years and many experiences, hit a note of realness with me. It touched me in my heart! I have gone on to read many of his books!

White Rock, BC, Canada

I met RD through Eckhart Tolle. He became the light to help me join the world in presence, using mantra and kirtan. My heart is starting to shine with loving awareness for self and others. I keep starting again in loving kindness. I love you Ram Dass.

Brighton uk

At a time when I was holding on he reminded me it was perfectly fine to let go.

jeffrey g hoffman
New Jersey

My life is infinitely more interesting and simultaneously less “mine” and much more simply “life,” as a result of the blessings of the teachings Ram Dass shared so eloquently. He has also opened my heart to a richer and fuller capacity to love and be loved.

Kara Neel

Ram Dass has guided me faithfully on the journey of awakening by sharing his truth and compassion for how it all is. I feel like he has laid out the territory and providing insight to what I am experiencing as the journey unfolds. I am eternally grateful!


Up until my late 20s I was saddled with shame that poisoned my life. Through an amazing process of Grace, I became connected with Ram Dass and on Jan 17, 1978. I told him all my secrets and left the room a free man.

Max Reif
Walnut Creek, CA USA

The idea that of myself as a separate ego was an allusion that it’s a participatory universe and I am part of that I guess, that’s generally what I got and humor.


Not only does the vibration of the room change when he is present, but your entire world changes when he gazes into your eyes, as if you are the only soul on the planet.

Tamara Mitzel
Maui, Hawaii

For many years Ram Dass has been an incredible guide, teacher and companion through my own process of awakening. When this process began I had no idea what was happening and where this journey was leading and I welcome his continued guidance.

Helen Kramer
new york

In a world where I thought I needed to have this or change that in exchange for a sense of worthiness, I found Ram Dass and life opened up to me. I am forever grateful for the teachings of Ram Dass and for his unconditional and infectious love. Ram Ram 🙏


Truly inspiring. I read "Be Here Now" in about 1970. I Loved this book. After reading it I continued to use it, opening it randomly everyday, for inspiration. Then Ram Das came to Australia and spoke to small groups, I went and enjoyed.

Janet Cooper



I was listening to something else on YouTube as I was going to sleep and YouTube (or someone lol) decided to play some Ram Dass. I now cannot get enough and listen every day. This has all been since he passed.

Irene Hartfield
Ely, Minnesota

Ram Dass spoke to caring for a loved one in a way that I profoundly needed, and started me down a path that has been essential for resilience and joy. Always with me as I continue to work on embracing this passing show with gratitude and loving awareness.


The impact of Ram Dass’s Soul, which I have come to be aware is the source of Soul w/in myself, can be best summed up as transformative. Working with him only after he had left his body, Love Awareness has guided my awakening

LeighAnna Courtney
Hickory, NC

No words can express my appreciation and gratitude for Ram Dass. He is to me Love, Acceptance, Forgiveness and Joy.

Anita Zotkina
Boston, MA

I've always felt RD to be one of my teachers. He showed me a path I might travel and develop on. Lucky to have met him in the flesh a couple of times. Felt he was 'Real'. Ever since have read, taken workshops, watched his videos. Loving Awareness/

John B Free
Baker, NV

Ram Dass changed my life by challenging me, through his lectures, to identify with awareness over form.


My parents loved Ram Dass and introduced me to him when I was a kid. He is such a funny, loving soul and I'm grateful to him for helping me see what it's like to live more with love and less with ego.


Ram Dass taught me to prioritize keeping my heart and mind open and to remember to try to see the divine in everyone and everything.


Thank you for showing us how to love, to serve, and to always remember Ram Ram

New York, NY

Ram Dass was (and still is) a bright & powerful LIGHT in this world. He showed me a better way to look at and be with EVERYTHING. LOVE is where it's at. Thank you, Ram!!

Annie B
Shoreview, Minnesota

The extent to which I am able to see myself and others as souls and, thus, to love myself and others more deeply is all because of Ram Dass.

Boulder, CO

He showed us the beauty of learning, of vulnerability, and love. Forever grateful that he was willing to open himself up to the world in a loving way, to teach us that growth and evolution, requires work, humility, and braveness.

Harrisburg, PA

I never had the pleasure of meeting Ram Dass, but his inspiring way he lived his life and how he taught others to be present in the moment with loving awareness has touched me on a soul level.

Jeff Mack
Boulder, CO

I first heard RD on the radio in the 90’s. I was a die-hard rationalist-atheist, but he revealed the very real wisdom and power of divine love (which I had considered "new age cr*p")—and sparked a shift in me that continues today. Thank you, Ram Dass!

Boulder, CO

Ram Dass has made my entire lifepath possible by forging the way: bringing the East to the West, elevating the understanding of consciousness to a university research topic, breaking ground with Be Here Now. I feel tender and grateful. Thank you, Ram Dass.

Jennifer B
Saguache, CO

Ram Dass allowed me to realize that by living with such a simple purpose to love, serve, and remember, I could radically change my own path and help to bring about a more loving, radical future for others. I miss him dearly.


As I watched a live interview with Ram Dass just a few years ago, the kindness, love and mischievousness that emanated from his responses to the questions, and the silences in between, opened my heart in a way that it hadn't been before - or since. <3

Denver, Colorado

Be Here Now was my introduction to a form of spirituality that made sense to me. I'll forever be grateful to Ram Dass for his guiding wisdom!

Karen B.
Lafayette, CO

Ram Dass' teachings are very accessible and at the same time profound. Each time I revisit them I get more and more out of them.

Erie, CO

Such a simple concept, "We're all just walking each other home," has fundamentally changed the way I love others.

Jessica S.
Boston, MA

Ram Dass changed the way I understand LOVE.